Ukrainian way to European development



While Ukraine remains within economic and financial crisis, multiple social problems arise. Our economy is experiencing the hardest times. The national currency recession has reached the bottom mark; we have faced with broad cut of workplaces caused by global business termination, moreover, this is happening during the deepest energy crisis.
However we strongly believe in Ukrainian better future. That is why, all of us, Ukrainians should work very hard to achieve it. As for our company, we have chosen two course of action being at high relevance in our opinion:
Development of the national economy and Strengthening energy independence of Ukraine


The fall of the national currency has high impact on every Ukrainian, but small and medium businesses have suffered most. A lot of enterprises are forced to stop production, this includes issues due to the loss of the traditional Russian market. Nevertheless these negative trends could be treated as benefits.
Firstly, because of hryvnia recession the euro equivalent goods can even compete with the price of Chinas ones.

Secondly, the majority of our commodities have utmost same quality as European goods. The OfferUA company’s mission is to assist in outputting Ukrainian goods to the European market and also in ensuring the development of Ukrainian market. Initially, it concerns the goods of light manufacturing – a labor-intensive industry that employs many Ukrainians, mostly women.

The first OfferUA’s project in this branch will be the implementation of baby textile produced in Ukraine to the European market.

Strengthening of energy independence

Energy safety remains the most important part of national security. Ukraine’s long-term dependence from the Russian resources is a fact. It is high time to look for alternatives.

  • Primarily, cost cutting in the natural gas mining section is strategically important for us up to finding replaceable solution. The OfferUA offers services to private, state or budget enterprises in implementation of energy-efficient technologies while assisting on transition to alternative energy sources.
  • On the other hand, it is important for Ukraine to increase the drilling oil and gas volume and production. This inevitably leads to increase in the needs for special minerals, used with such technologies. Modern and high-tech Bulgarian enterprise Barite Mining offers better alternative than Chinese and Russian suppliers, barite concentrate for oil and gas industries in particular. We are the exclusive representative of this company in CIS region, with its own warehouse in the central part of Ukraine. Bulgarian barite is at highest quality, moreover it is cheaper than the Russian and Chinese equivalents. A favorable location allows us to provide the most rapid and convenient delivery to any place of Ukraine and Belorussia.







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